Family Ranches:


Review from the Field:

~ Kirk has a very practical and positive approach which helped us make immediate changes and motivated us for those changes which will take longer. This training has made all the difference in our family's operation. We are now in the position of passing on the operation to the next generation and using the skills we have learned to do this in a way that makes sense to everyone involved. - Kelly Sidoryk - Lloydminister, Alberta

~ Since taking the Holistic Management course we have almost doubled our breeding herd while cutting expenses. The land is still continuing to improve, as is our bottom line. But, the most important changes we have seen have been in our family and employee relationships. Forget the excuses, get to this class! - John Flochini - Wright, WY

~ Attending Holistic Management training has helped me realize how everything works together in our operation. Our long-term profitability depends on the health of the land. - Mark Frasier - Last Chance, CO

~ I've worked all my life and all over the world to improve land. I didn't think it was possible until I took the Holistic Management in Practice course. It provided new insights I had completely missed. Since then, we've achieved dramatic results. It's gratifying to see such progress. - Terry Wheeler - Globe, AZ