Resource Management Services, LLC (RMS) is a New Mexico based consulting, training and monitoring organization committed to assisting private and professional resource managers achieve sustainable results. RMS was founded by Kirk Gadzia of Bernalillo, New Mexico.

At Resource Management Services, LLC, we focus on Holistic ManagementĀ®, which is most easily defined by simply adding W to the word holistic. This describes what the process does - helps us manage Whole situations rather than perceived parts. Managing the whole gives better results and fewer unexpected problems. Many publications today are filled with gloomy forecasts about agriculture and the environment. Yet, there are few who offer realistic solutions that strengthen both our economy and communities. To reverse this trend we must do it with the people already on the land. Holistic ManagementĀ® gives human values a priority, while creating profit through proven financial planning procedures and ecosystem enhancement techniques.

We invite you to explore our website and consider how we might be able to assist your business in becoming more efficient, sustainable, and profitable. Contact us for more details and information.

Quivira Publications:


Bullseye! Targeting Your Rangeland Objectives, Version 2.0, 2nd Printing, February 2013 - by Kirk Gadzia and Todd Graham


Rangeland Health and Planned Grazing Field Guide, Fourth Edition, April 2009 - by Kirk Gadzia and Nathan Sayre